Lamp & Lantern Village

Property Description

Lamp & Lantern Village is an 116,819 square foot Colonial-style shopping center located at the intersection of Woods Mill Road (Hwy. 141) and Clayton Road, in the West St. Louis County village of Town & Country, Missouri. Located at a busy intersection, more than 50,000 vehicles pass by the shopping center per day on Hwy. 141.

More Information

This shopping center has two different means of ingress and egress via one entrance from Clayton Road and two entrances from Woods Mill Road (Hwy. 141). Recent upgrades to Woods Mill Road have eased traffic flow and provide a deceleration lane and acceleration lane for easy access to the shopping center. Nearly 62,000 people, with an average household income of more than $130,000 per year, live within a three-mile radius Lamp & Lantern Village Shopping Center. These demographics ensure our tenants a great customer base.

Lamp & Lantern Village is anchored by Ace Hardware, which is a neighborhood staple for the surrounding residents. Many of our other tenants include home accessories stores, men’s and women’s fashion stores, restaurants, Myseum (an interactive family-oriented science museum) and most recently an upscale consignment furniture store, Encore.

Out parcels include McDonald’s, US Bank and a Waterway Carwash.  These out parcels provide excellent locations for the tenants and create a synergy between the shopping center to bring the residents of Town & Country as well as the surrounding cities a full line of services.