Ozark Trail

Property Description

Ozark Trail is a 21,504-square foot office building attached to the Clarkson/Clayton Shopping Center in West St. Louis County. This office building gives executives the chance to work close to home in a variety of office sizes, from one person up to a small company. Tenants have access to nearby amenities, including convenient shopping, restaurants, a grocery store and drugstore all within walking distance, providing a convenient work-live-shop atmosphere for the tenants at Ozark Trail.

More Information

Ozark Trail has two stories with an open landscaped atrium providing tenants the comfortable feeling of openness and light. The building is served by one passenger elevator that doubles as a freight elevator. An energy management system, monitored at the management office, helps to maintain optimal comfort for all the tenants at Ozark Trail. The building is serviced for landline phone service by AT&T. The high-speed internet service can be either cable or DSL. Ozark Trail is a great alternative for executives who would like to live and work close to their community.